SK5 superfood blends 

Combining the very best of high nutrient, organic and functional super foods, this whole food range provides a natural and tasty way to boost the nutrition of the whole family.  Whether its the protein and antioxidant hit needed in the morning with Breakfast Boost or the multi-vitamin, multi-nutrient punch of Greens Please added to boost protein at dinner times, this range of functional food blends compliments meals and provides the right nutrient balance. 

sk raw

SK raw superfood snacks

Most foods are more beneficial when consumed raw.  Our range of raw whole food snacks provide a tasty and convenient way to snack and top up on your daily vitamins and minerals.  Whether its the handy seed toasts you carry in your bag to give a protein and omega-3 hit, or our delicate raw chocolate delights with sprouted buckwheat and a taste you will not believe.  

super fruit snacks seed toasts
super food chocolates

sk baby

SK baby superfood blends 

Ideal for weaning babies - pure, gentle and develops the taste for good food at an early stage. Made with 100% natural organic whole foods with carefully selected hypoallergenic ingredients. Designed for developing tummies and suits a sensitive and allergy friendly diet. Our blends provide essential vitamins and minerals with just the addition of one spoonful in your baby's favourite foods. 

Stephanie Pollock and Fatma Mansab are Oxford scientists, foodies and mothers who are mad about whole food nutrition. Our skills in research, and passion for food, allowed us to create a child friendly and nutritious whole food range with the belief that food could be healthy without being boring and bland.

We are mums first and understand the importance of children's diet and the strive to keep them healthy. The SK range was designed with this in mind. As mothers we have been looking for such a product that is suitable for children and equally nutritious for the whole family, and have therefore spent a lot of time designing our range. It is a convenient way to add nutritional value to the food you eat. Our concept is to turn a simple, at times bland food, into a tasty functional food by simply adding a scoop. This can be added on the dinner table or on the go, sprinkled into salads, soups, cereals or smoothies.

Stephanie Pollock, D.Phil., M.Sc., B.Sc. Director/Operations Stephanie is a biochemist and immunologist by training, having spent over 15 years developing antiviral therapies. When outside the lab, however, she spent her time experimenting in the kitchen, and has attended courses and received certification from the Ashburton Culinary Institute, Devon.

Fatma Mansab, M.Sc., B.Sc. Director/Allergy and Nutrition Fatma is a qualified immunologist previously involved in developing HIV vaccines and drug therapies. The arrival of her beautiful boys sparked the need for a super-nutritious product that was also hypoallergenic as they were faced with the challenge of multiple allergies from birth. Her experience in providing a healthy, balanced diet that is also gluten, dairy, egg, soya, nut and grain free has been vital during the development of the SK range.

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